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Helping People See the Heart of God and Receive His Love

At God's Love Song Ministries, our goal is to live so that people experience the tangible love of God through us. We know that in order for God's love to flow through us, we must first allow His love to flow to us and take it as our own. We must receive it as a part of our identity.

We want our testimony to be that of First John 4:16:

So we have come

to know and to believe

the love that God has for us...

~ English Standard Version (ESV)

We want that to be your testimony, too! It is our earnest desire to live so that through our encounter, you can say that you have experienced the love of God and that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU ARE LOVED!!! 

When your identity becomes "I am God's beloved," your whole world will change ... for the better ... more than you ever imagined!!!

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