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God's Lo​ve ​Song Ministries

God's Love Song Ministries

Owning and Celebrating Our Identity in Christ and 

Encouraging Others to Do the Same!

God’s Love Song Ministries is a teaching and discipleship ministry assigned to usher people into a deeper relationship with the true heart of Father God, where they can learn to embrace and take ownership of their identity in Christ and thereby walk in the authority they have as a child of God.

​Our goal is to demonstrate the humility that says:

I AM who God says I am,

I HAVE what God says I have,


I CAN DO what God says I can do!



You may not know how much you helped me in the spiritual growth but I know!

I really recall many examples you gave on how to chew and meditate upon the Word of God. I had been fasting and struggling in the ministry for many years. Little did I know about TRUE FASTING until when you helped me understand it. NOWADAYS I DON'T FAST AND PRAY TO FORCE GOD TO ANYTHING FOR ME BUT I DO IT FOR SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT & ALIGNMENT TO THE MIND OF JESUS CHRIST...

... I have to confess that I know many pastors and bishops who are self-centered but not you!!!

 Many people have exalted their religion more than exalting Christ to [reign] in the hearts of people. However, I love the fact that you embrace the unity of the body of Christ by working with other ministries or churches in Kenya and across the world. Thus you help many to come to full knowledge of their identity in Christ.

Evans - Nairobi, Kenya


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