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Jesus, Be My Lord

If you would like to make Jesus your Lord, it would be my pleasure to lead you in prayer.  Simply say the following prayer out loud:

Jesus, thank You for loving me. Come into my life. I make You my Lord.

I'm done with trying to do things my way. I give You the reigns of my life.

I turn from my way of doing things and turn to Your way of doing things. 

Thank You for teaching me how to live the God-life.

I choose to listen to You. I choose to do what You say. 

I thank You for teaching me how to walk like You, talk

like You, think like You, love like You, live like You - BE 

like You. 

My past no longer matters. My future is bright 

in You!

I receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

I receive the power to live the God-life 

that You have given me. 

I receive my supernatural prayer 


I receive my victory. 

I receive Your love.

In Jesus’ Name. 


Praise God! If you made Jesus the Lord of your life, tell us about it, and let us celebrate

with you!

Click here to learn more about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and your supernatural 

prayer language.