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God's Lo​ve ​Song Ministries     

Eternity Chats

with Prophetess Katherine Free & Pastor True Lafayette


Season 1

Beyond Salvation: Re-Defining Eternity As You Know It

Teachings are inspired by Prophetess Free's book "Beyond Salvation: The Art of Receiving God's Promises

and are based on the Holy Bible.

Beyond Salvation (Ep. 1): 
Redefining Eternity as You Know It

Beyond Salvation (Ep. 2): 

A Relationship with Our Loving Heavenly Father


Beyond Salvation (Ep. 3): 

Salvation vs. Religion 


Beyond Salvation (Ep. 4): 

Fear and Love Cannot Occupy the Same Space


Beyond Salvation (Ep. 5): 

Enter Into the Rest of God


Beyond Salvation (Ep.6):

 Why do People go to Hell - Part 1


Beyond Salvation (Ep.7):

 Why do People go to Hell - Part 2